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5 Frederick Douglas Facts You Didn’t Know 2019

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Frederick Douglas was born in February 1818 as a slave. He would later become one of the most famous writers’ in the world and a major key in the abolitionist movement. Many people are aware of his writings and impact of society. As you celebrate black history month and Frederick Douglas day, learn these other interesting facts about a man who fought for freedom for all and feared none.

1.    He escaped from freedom using a sailor’s uniform and a fake ID. His first wife helped him secure his escape to freedom, they disguised him in a uniform while he rode on a train up north.

2.    Frederick Douglas is a stage name. His born name is Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. He feared detection so he switched his name. He landed on the last name Douglas because it wasn’t a common last name.

3.    He’s been named one the most photographed individuals of the 19thcentury. Compared alongside Lincoln he was photographed 120 times. He would give out his photos at speeches and signings. He believed that photography was a great way to break down stigmas and humanize the views of African Americans.

4.    He was nominated for VP. Ironically enough he was nominated by a woman who was running for president. He had no intention on running but he did receive one vote the day of the election.

5.    He served in politics. Holding many high office positions Frederick Douglas was one of the first African Americans to achieve this feat.