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Brand Voice: How to Avoid Crucial Mistakes with Your Brand Voice Strategy

Developing your brand’s voice is critical if you want to build a strong social media following and increase the ROI (return on investment) of your digital marketing efforts. Who you say you are and how your company acts online will determine whether your follower count increases and whether your social networking engagement rates increase. It is imperative you avoid crucial mistakes when developing your brand voice strategy. Remember the following five tips, and you will be on your way towards establishing a cohesive brand voice for your business.

  1. Be sure the content you are sharing online aligns with your company’s brand voice. Know who your target audience is, the types of content they are most likely to respond to and plan your content calendar accordingly. Attempting to be hip and happening on social media when that’s the exact opposite of how your target audience perceives your brand will do more harm than good. Align your content sharing efforts with your brand voice strategy, and you’ll be on your way towards increased engagement.
  2. A lack of focus can kill your attempts to develop a strong brand voice. Understand the image you are trying to portray and formulate a plan-of-action to ensure you are giving your followers the right impression. If you’re all over the place in your approach to brand development, your target audience won’t know what to expect from you or who you are trying to reach.
  3. Some brands go over the top when trying to showcase their brand voice. Online audiences are intelligent; they don’t need you to inundate them with your attempts to build a cohesive brand voice. Try too hard and you’ll end up turning off more customers than you attract.
  4. Building a strong brand voice is all about identifying with your target market. Be human in your approach and don’t let corporate-speak overtake your engagement efforts. Customers want to know they’re dealing with real people behind brand monikers on social networking platforms.
  5. If you’re concerned about your interactions with your online audience, ask yourself how your actions will influence the image of your brand over the long haul. Social media trends or controversial firestorms are tempting to hop on-board to build your reputation as a socially-engaged brand, but one false move can cause significant damage to your brand voice development efforts.


Building a defined brand voice strategy takes hard work and patience. Make an effort to understand who your audience thinks you are as a brand, how you want to be perceived (sometimes different than public’s perception), and how you can connect the proverbial dots to ensure your branding is cohesive. A strong brand voice can take you far as a company, but it won’t magically happen overnight, and it won’t be without effort.