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Real Fake News

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In today’s era of technology anything is possible. Barriers are broken and humans ask the question; is this real or fake? In 2016, Donald Trump branded the term “Fake News”.  Rather it was new reports or allegations against him, if the President disagreed with what was said about him; it was deemed fake.

Throughout humanity people have questioned the validity of historical events. Rather it was dinosaur extinction, the holocaust, the moon landing, or even 9/11 many conspiracy theories exist. What if those conspiracy theories were given fuel?

Modern technology and CGI reached a new height with the creation of the “Deep Fake”. A deep fake is a mash-up of real video footage from a public figure and word motions and audio from another person. A video of President Trump is aired on all national platforms. He announces the launch of 10 nuclear bombs to North Korea. This message is broadcasted worldwide but it’s a “deep fake”. Someone else voice and lip motion that’s similar to Trump was synced to make it look like it was Donald Trump. The world goes into shock. This is an extreme example but not far fetched in the future.

Of course, not all “Deep Fakes” are used for negativity. In a recent Fast and Furious movie, a deep fake was used for the farewell Paul Walker scene. Paul Walker’s twin brother was put in car and recorded doing the motion. The CGI editor then placed Paul Walker’s face on top of his twin brother and created the deep fake.

All technology has the ability to conduct good and evil. Albeit, the inception of these creations are derived form a positive place, the fear is that this technology will get in the wrong hands. If America’s enemies have the ability to influence American policies similar to the 2016 Presidential election then this could be the next step.

Alongside the tech innovators who are working on the advancement of deep fakes, there are those who create the technology to detect deep fakes. Quick detection of deep fakes will be the deference maker in protecting the public from “fake news”. No one can predict the challenges of the future but the intelligence world continues to react to protect the public.

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