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Writing Irresistible Calls To Action: Getting Your Customers To Click Every Time

The call to action button should be part of every optimization strategy in today’s digital world. There are calls to action on the landing page, in ads to get people to the landing page and all throughout the site. If they are strategically placed and worded correctly they will do their job.


Today’s consumers don’t always want to see the old adages like “click here,” ‘buy now,” or “sign up today.” Sometimes those old standbys work well, but only if it answers the consumer’s why. The why behind a consumer’s search is what gets them to utilize the call to action button. This is especially true for the all-important ads that display paid search copy. The search itself will always reveal a lot about a person’s why and that will help you determine the correct call to action.


Searches With Purpose


Many times, people are searching online because they are looking for something. This is a purposeful search, so the call to action button should be the next natural step in the hunt. If it is the right call to action, placed accordingly, they are more likely to click on it. You really have to get into a consumer’s head and look at things objectively, as if you’ve never seen them before. Adapt the call to action to fit the consumer’s purpose.


Searches Of Low Importance


Someone who searches for a free online cooking class has already told you they want to learn how to cook, they want to do it at home and they want to do it for free. When the word free is used in a search, paid search marketers often mistakenly dismiss it because they assume they can’t make money off someone who wants free stuff. However, the right call to action button can bring in some business here. People who search for free stuff are often trying to pinch pennies or minimize risk. A “try it free for 30 days” call to action may be successful. A low key call to action like “subscribe” may also be successful.


Searches Of Medium Importance


These are searches which are a little more goal oriented and a little more important as far as the consumer is concerned. Say someone types in “best cleaners for wood floors.” This person is looking for something specific, they are not just generally clicking around for information like the first consumer. This person is researching more than looking to buy. A more general call to action is likely to get a little attention here. A general ad like “cleaners for every floor type” would get more attention than a product ad. This may even be the type of consumer that you wait and retarget later as they make their way through the conversion process.


Searches Of High Importance


Lastly, there are urgent searches where people are looking for something immediately. It is of high importance to them and they are looking to make a quick decision. This is a search such as “tow trucks near me.” People don’t typically look for a tow truck unless they need one and they usually need it immediately. Here you want to use a call to action that reflects urgency. Something like “24 tow /Fastest in Town” is going to get the business. With searches of high importance, it is also necessary to be mobile-friendly because these days most of those urgent searches happen on a mobile phone.




Understanding the consumer’s why behind the search can really help determine the correct and type of call to action button for the ad. Just make sure the information is genuine and mobile friendly. With the search engines going to mobile first indexing it’s best to make all the pages mobile friendly. However, if you have to choose for budgetary constraints or other reasons, make sure that the ads behind the searches of high importance are the first to go mobile.

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